RayburnX Suspension is Here! 

CJ and the team truly believe that in order to dominate, it takes true innovation. 99% of cars on the race track are using technology that Rayburn Race Cars Developed in the 1980’s… It’s 2016, And the purpose of our latest suspension Update is to push Dirt Racing forward. 

Over 2 years of testing, R&D, and its finally ready for our Rayburn Chassis Update on 2011 and newer.

**This update is critical. Call and schedule a time to update your chassis!**

*We need YOU to run good. If we didn’t believe this to be a game changer, we wouldn’t recommend our cars receive the update.


Our 2017 Chassis is now being designed with the RayburnX pre configured.

Choose a new chassis starting at price Below. 

  • 2017 COMBINATION CAR $5,550.00

Under rail combination car, 4 bar, swing arm or watts linkage rear suspension. A true universal chassis. Body brace mounts, deck supports, bumpers and black powder coating included. 

Still want the 4 bar car? We build those too. 

2016 4 LINK CAR  $4,830.00

Over rail 4 LINK chassis, includes body brace tabs, deck supports, bumpers and black powder coating. 


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